About us:

We at Wegainod work on creation and advertisement of applications that work toward team bonding within a group of individuals that work together. Our creations range from Scavenger hunt to Team building applications, and all of them have elements that lead people to join in together to resolve issues and beat the “game”.

We know how hard is to create a good mood in an office where people don’t know each other. They can’t troubleshoot problems because they aren’t comfortable enough to approach others and ask for their opinion.

   Applications that we feature are there to erase the discomfort through events that will create bonds among the employees. They contain interesting and likable “games” that will make those people work together to solve puzzles they encounter. This will develop their sense of teamwork which will be transferred to the office as they will now be comfortable to ask for a second opinion because the people that work with them aren’t just strangers anymore.



  • Ricky


    “The atmosphere in my company was awful until a month ago. We had experienced employees, but they didn’t work together, and that hurt our profit. I decided to do something about that and the change, in the form of increased morale and productivity came when I used Wegainod team building application” says Ricky.

  • Rebeca


    “The confidence at the place I work improved after our boss decided to try a Scavenger hunt idea which I sent him from Wegainod. We had several events, and people came together to solve complex and exciting puzzles which changed the way we saw each other” says Rebecca.

  • Michael


     “A bit of fun can go a long way when you work in an office with a lot of people. Our boss realized that and showed us a Wegainod Scavenger hunt application. This improved morale of everyone and we became friends which were impossible before” says, Michael.